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city tour mendoza capital
22 Apr

Mendoza City Tour

CITY OF MENDOZA City tour MendozaMendoza City Tour by Van or by Car that runs through the main areas of the capital with the mountains in the background and the Cerro de la Gloria very close. A sustainable city that has permanent contact with nature and in which a great gastronomic diversity predominates.Destinations: City ToursPlaces: Foundational Area / Cafe in Mendoza CityIncludes: Mendoza City Tour and Roundtrip Transfer Gallery Item Name Gallery Item NameLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit....

21 Apr

I chose the Wine Roads

WINERIES Mendoza is the Capital of wine, we invite you to take a tour of the best wineries in Mendoza and try the best wines from Luján. Our province is responsible for 80% of the wine produced in our country. It occurs, throughout the territory, in different ways since there is a great diversity of soils, microclimates, and cultural characteristics of those who work the vineyards.This has positioned viticulture as one of the most important activities in our region and for that very reason, an endless number of activities converge around wine...

transfer parque aconcagua
21 Apr

Pre mountain circuit: Half day

high mountain It represents a wide variety of landscapes and dazzles the impressiveness of its highest peaks as well as the historical importance of the Andes in Mendoza and in our country.The story begins in the plain of the city where from here we can see a great wall to the west that surrounds and forms part of the great Andes mountain range. From one point to another we can see how the vegetation and climate of the province change as we move away from the capital.The road is very interesting,...

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